EV Charger Installs & Sales

EV Home Solution will install any electric vehicle (EV) charger and we can help you purchase one too!

We are an experienced and licensed electrician in Michigan. We specialize and can install any EV car charger at your residence. If you need to purchase a charger for your electric vehicle, we sell those too!

EV Charger Installation

EV Home Solution is a subsidiary of Sexton Electric Inc.

We are two companies doing business as one to provide you with high quality work and superior service.

Experienced and Certified

EV Home Solution (Sexton Electric) is a qualified and certified electrician in the EV charging industry in Michigan. We install all brands of chargers for you. If there are panel upgrades or other electrical updates needed in order to install an EV car charger, we will handle it all from start to finish!

EV Charger for Electric Vehicle
Electric Vehicle Charger for Your Home

EV Chargers We Offer for Purchase

EV Home Solution offers several options of Grizzl-E™ Home EV charging stations for purchase.

To learn more about Grizzl-E Home EV charging products, visit their website.

Our Mission
EV Home Solution is experienced, attentive, and skilled to do the job right the first time. We are responsive to customer needs and fully accountable for the results. We work hard for our customers, building a reputation of integrity and superior quality.

Delivering superior work on time and on budget.